What are the differences between the Burn Controllers range?

To help you and guide you in your choice, Burn Controllers has pre-selected improvements within 4 reference ranges. In this article you will find all the information you will need to make your choice.


The 4 ranges

More than ranges, it is rather a starting pre-selection. Each range starts with pre-selected options that you can remove. You can also add more and customize your controller as you wish. These ranges or presets will guide you in your choice according to your needs.

Manettes palettes custom


The BASIC Range

burn controllers manette palette

When you choose a controller from the BASIC range, the Lab loads with the Paddles option in X-O or O-X configuration pre-selected.

2 paddles are available. First the Hammer, flat and long, and then the Carbon Reflx, more ergonomic.

This range is perfect for players who are just starting out or who want to try out the paddle style of play while keeping their budget in check.



burn controllers manette palettes remapping

The X-O or O-X configuration is suitable for most FPS games. However, it is sometimes useful or interesting to assign a key other than X or O to your palettes. For this, Burn thought of the ReMapping option, or re-configurable palettes.

This option, preselected on the Lab of the PROGRESSION range controllers, will allow you to choose the keys to assign to the paddles and to be able to change the configuration according to your needs, as many times as necessary.


The PRO GAMER range

burn controllers manette palette gachette clic souris

As on the Progression range, ReMapping is pre-selected, but this range includes another option.

And if there is one feature that makes the difference between the elite and the rest of the gamers, it is the option present on the PRO GAMER range: the Mechanical Triggers.

This option hides 2 improvements in 1. First of all, Burn replaces the L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons by "mouse click" type buttons. This allows immediate triggering of actions. We're currently on Gen 2 on PS5. Then, as a direct consequence of the "mouse click" buttons, Burn removes the stroke of the L2/R2 triggers for even faster triggering. Those precious milliseconds will make all the difference in the middle of the game.

Be careful though, this perfect improvement for FPS type games makes the controller unsuitable for racing or football video games, requiring sensitivity on the triggers. This also removes haptic feedback and vibration from triggers.

gachette mecanique clic souris


burn controllers manette custom personnalisée

This is an aesthetic pre-selection. No options modifying performance, only style!

Burn has imagined unique skins within the SIGNATURE range. Some of these configurations are also the result of a partnership with our French partners such as MrLev12 or MrBboy45.


Tableau Comparatif des Gammes


burn controllers manette palette
burn controllers manette palettes remapping
burn controllers manette palette gachette clic souris
burn controllers manette custom personnalisée
Inter-changeable paddles
ReMapping (optional)
Mechanical Triggers
Inter-changeables Joysticks

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