How to properly customize your Burn Controllers controller?

Having a high-performance controller is great, but having a stylish controller is good too. In addition to enhancements, Lab Burn Controllers allow you to fully customize your controller and make it unique. Discover all the possibilities.

The customization of your controller will have to go through different stages. Here is a short summary of these steps that will allow you to jump directly to the part that interests you:

peintures manettes custom burn


choix peinture manette custom

The first step, the most important and which will give all the identity to your controller, is the choice of paint. In the lab, you will have the choice between different types of paints. From the most basic to the most insane, our paints fall into several categories.

Simples Paints

In addition to the official basic colors like White, Midnight Black or Cosmic Red, Burn offers you a small selection of simple paints.

In this category you will find in particular Cameleon, Carbon, Silver Chrome paints and many others.

peinture manettes custom burn PS5

Graphic Paints

Do you prefer a slightly more complex painting? No worries, choose from a selection of graphic, original paintings.

Crazy designs for unique controllers. They are all there, the classic camouflages, the phosphorescent paintings and all the themes appreciated by gamers.

Exclusive Burn Controllers paints

At Burn, we like beautiful controllers. So we imagine exclusive paintings that you won't find anywhere else.

Often imitated, never equaled, these unique paintings are the fruit of an artistic work taking its inspiration from the latest trends and influences from the world of gaming.


Moreover, to attest to the originality of these paintings, a small Burn logo is hidden on each of them...

Sauras-tu le retrouver ?

manettes custom peintures exclusives burn

Partner paints

We are fortunate to have long-standing partners, such as MrLev12 or MrBboy45, widely installed in the french game. So, it is quite naturally that Burn offered them to have original paintings in their effigy.

These paints are available on all ranges and also on complete configurations within the range PS5 Signature or PS4.

manette custom mrbboy45 mrlev12 burn
joystick manette custom burn

Bases and Tops

Burn has developed a patented system called BC Sticks that allows you to change the joysticks of your Burn controller according to your tastes and preferences.


BC Sticks bases are installed on all Burn controllers. Different colors are available. It is thanks to our bases that you will be able to change the upper part of the joystick, called Top, at your leisure.


burn controllers joysticks manette custom


The choice of shape and color is what makes the strength of our BC Sticks so appreciated by our customers. By simply pulling up, you can remove the tops and replace them.

Our range of tops allows you to choose from a wide choice of colors but also shapes. Curved, dome-shaped, higher, with designs, ... there is bound to be a top suited to your style.

Dpad and Boutons

For those who go all the way and want perfect and complete customization, Burn offers to also modify the Dpad (the directional cross) and the buttons. This will allow you to add a unique touch to your controller.


Whether to customize your controller or to enhance a painting, you will have the choice between different colors. Burn also offers you the StickPad, a directional circle that replaces the traditional cross.


The customization of the buttons concerns the action buttons of the controller but also the "Share" and "Option" buttons (on PS5 only) as well as the L1/R1 buttons.

manette custom burn

Badge printing or personal photo


Want a unique controller, but you don't have the soul of a graphic designer? No worries, Burn Badges are a great way to customize your controller. In addition, some are designed on purpose to perfectly match our paints. So don't hesitate any longer and go all the way with personalization.

The personal picture

Do you prefer a more personal visual? It is also possible. In our Lab, you have the possibility to upload an image of your choice to give a truly unique touch to your controller.

Be careful though, a few rules must be observed for a top quality rendering:

  1. First, by uploading a photo, you agree not to violate any applicable laws or the rights of third parties.
  2. Then, respect the accepted file formats. We accept JPEG or JPG formats for photos. If you want an image with transparency, you must use the PNG format and provide a perfectly clipped image. Poorly cropped pixels will result in poor quality printing.
  3. Finally, the resolution and light of the image or photo must allow for a good quality print. The photo must not be too dark or too light and in sufficient resolution not to pixelate when printed.
manette custom burn controllers image personnalisation

GamerTag (pseudo)

Finally, last customization and not least. Burn Controllers allows you to add your Gamer Tag (your nickname) on the Touchpad of your controller.

  • Enter the text you want to print on a maximum of 12 characters,
  • Choose from a wide selection of fonts and colors
  • And show your colors!!
Manette custom burn controllers impression pseudo gamer tag

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Kommentare vor ihrer Veröffentlichung genehmigt werden müssen

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