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The Xbox X/S Burn Controllers are here!

After being the first to release a custom PS5 controller in 2021, Burn Controllers is returning in 2022, completing its line of custom controllers by now offering an upgraded and customizable version of the Xbox X/S controller. Discover all the possibilities available to you to customize your controller.

Upgrades available on BC Xbox X/S

4 boutons

Usually, Burn Controllers mount paddles that operate 2 buttons. This time, we wanted to experiment with buttons instead of traditional palettes.

It's not less than 4 buttons that you will have at your disposal. Perfectly placed at the back of the controller, they will allow you to chain all the movements without lifting your thumbs from your joysticks.

remapping burn controllers


The buttons on the back of the controller are fully configurable thanks to the ReMapping system. Easily and quickly assign the keys you want to get the gameplay that suits you.

ReMapping is the perfect option for all gamers who want to be in control and adapt their gameplay according to the different games they play.

Triggers stop and vibrators removal

Burn Controllers also offers you to add Trigger Stops to block the travel of the LT/RT triggers. Your reactivity will be improved and the triggering of your actions faster.

You will also have the option to remove the vibrators. Removing the vibrators will allow you not to be disturbed during intense gaming phases.

Personalization available on BC Xbox X/S

In addition to offering improved controllers, Burn Controllers allows you to customize your controller for a unique look.

The paintings

For this launch, Burn Controllers offers you 5 paints in addition to the original colors. No mistakes on these paints, these are the best sellers on PS5. You will have the choice between the Silver Chrome, the Cameleon, the Blue Camo, the Carbon and the Wild Wolf.

couleurs manettes personnalisées xbox X/S burn controllers

Bases and BC sticks

As on all Burn Controllers, the original joysticks are replaced by joysticks from the BC Sticks range.

joystick burn controllers

You will therefore have the choice of color on the left and right bases. You can adapt the tops of your choice and opt for colored tops, tops, bottoms, domed or curved, ... No less than 22 variants are available.

A,B,X,Y buttons

Finally, if you want to have a single controller and go all the way with customization, Burn Controllers offers you 9 button colors.


Currently, we have provided 2 starting prices.

The 4-button version + ReMapping with original paint and BC Sticks from €139.

manette burn controllers xbox personnalisée remapping
Xbox X/S Controller - Original Black Progression


The 4-button version + ReMapping with customized paints and BC Sticks from €159.




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After being the first to release a custom PS5 controller in 2021, Burn Controllers is returning in 2022, completing its line of custom controllers by now offering an improved and customizable version of the Xbox X/S controller.

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