The Reflx paddles for PS5 BC controllers are available!!

Les palettes Reflx pour manettes PS5 Burn Controllers sont dispo !!

Hello to you player looking for performance. They were eagerly awaited, here they are. Burn releases its new palettes: the Carbon Reflx. With completely different ergonomics from the Hammers and perfect compatibility with the BC system, it's time to change paddles.

The Carbon Reflx in detail

With brand new ergonomics, the Reflx paddles offer a natural grip suitable for all hand sizes.

The curvature of its wings will allow you to operate the buttons on the back of your Burn controller very easily. A simple downward or sideways press triggers the assigned actions.

For full efficiency, opt for the ReMapping option when setting up your controller. Thus, you will be master of the actions assigned to the palettes.


Compatibility of new Burn paddles

These paddles are compatible with the brackets fitted to all Burn Controllers PS5 controllers. If you bought the first Burn controllers with Hammer paddles, you can swap them out easily.

Be careful though to take the right version for the right controller. And yes, Reflx PS5 palettes for the PS5 and Reflx PS4 palettes for the PS4.

manette palettes PS5 reflex burn controllers

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