How to properly set your dead zone on Warzone or Fortnite?

Comment bien régler sa zone morte sur Warzone ou Fortnite ?

What is the dead zone? What is it for and how to set it up properly. Here are some questions that FPS gamers ask themselves at some point. Whether it's to adapt his way of playing or to counter this f..g joystick drift! In short, Burn Controllers tells you more.

zone morte warzone burn controllers
réglage de la zone morte dans Fortnite Burn Controllers

What is the dead zone?

No, the dead zone is not a place devoid of all oxygen in an aquatic environment. Well yes, but that's not what interests us.

What interests us is the area around the axis of a joystick in which the joystick does not register movements. Adjusting this setting on your controller controls the extent of this area.

The lower the setting of this parameter, the more restricted the area. Conversely, the higher the setting, the wider the dead zone.

Most of the time, adjusting the dead zone will counter the effects of the joystick drift, well known to players (if you know, when the joystick does not imp...). This phenomenon often occurs when the controller is a bit old and the joysticks are worn out or when our favorite console / controller manufacturers use low-end components, we are not targeting anyone of course.

How do I properly set the dead zone on my controller?

The possibility of adjusting the dead zone is usually offered directly in the game. Otherwise, it is not possible. You will normally find this setting in the settings and in the part that concerns the controller settings.

Here is a little video tutorial for you signed BC.

As indicated previously, this setting will mainly allow you to counter the drifts of worn joysticks and no longer have a camera or character that moves on its own. Adjusting the deadband will not improve your performance.

At best, by modifying this parameter, you can play on the sensitivity of the joystick. So, for players looking for precision, with a low setting, your dead zone will be restricted and the trigger will be much more sensitive.

Unfortunately, it often happens that this adjustment is only a temporary bandage before the joystick lets go completely.

And you change your dead zone? Share your best settings in the comments.

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