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Which paddles and Gameplay to choose?

This is the first time that you buy a Burn controller with paddles but you donÕt know which paddles to choose and which gameplay to associate with it? DonÕt worry- BurnÕs here to put you on the right track.


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Après avoir été les premiers à sortir une manette PS5 personnalisée en 2021, Burn Controllers revient en 2022, compléter sa gamme de manettes personnalisées en proposant désormais une version améliorée et personnalisable de la manette Xbox X/S.

Early in 2022- Burn Controllers is coming with some incredible new mechanical triggers. Get ahead of your opponents with these new faster triggers.

Having a powerful controller is great but having a controller that has style is good too. In addition to the improvements- the Lab Burn Controllers allows you to completely customize your controller and make it unique. Discover all the possibilities.