New year, new paints for your PS5 controller Burn Controllers

Nouvelle année, nouvelles peintures pour ta manette PS5 Burn Controllers

At the beginning of the year, Burn Controllers is stocking up on new paints to personalize your DualSense PS5 controller. Small presentation in good and due form of these new colors. They will be put on sale gradually in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

peintures chorme camouflage manette custom burn controllers

The classics

These paintings were classics on PS4, here they are now available on PS5.



We added two Soft Touch colors: one gray and one red. Sober and classic, these paintings will suit those who want a simple painting and a comfortable touch.

Then we received the Silver Chrome. All brilliant, it was a hit on PS4, it is only natural that this paint finds its place in our PS5 paint range.

These paints complement the choice of classic paints already made up of Cameleon and Carbon paints.

The Transparencies

It's not one, nor two nor three but 4 additional colors with this selection of transparent paints. Red, green, purple and transparent are the four colors selected. Ideal for electronics lovers, these paintings reveal the components of your controller.


Impossible to miss the Camouflage pattern. Two magnificent versions: one in shades of blue and the other in shades of green. Small novelty for these colors, the touchpad is matched for a perfect finish. As Eric would say: "It's absolutely beautiful!!"


With this range of paints, Burn offers more elaborate designs. These customizations will give character to your controllers and make them unique.

Five paintings make their entry into this selection. Discover the Wild Wolf with its drawing of wolves ready to pounce on its enemies, the Blood with its scratches and traces of blood testifying to the massacre you just made on Call of or the Iron Army and its overly classy military design.

The Phosphorescents

Small novelty in the paint range. Burn innovates by including 2 models of Glow in the dark paints.

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